Sound Universe by Jiachun (Lisa) Li


Ever since I was a kid, I have been obsessed by space related science fiction, and have enjoyed
visualizing that with the most powerful graphic chip—my brain. I appreciated the beauty of building
imaginary worlds upon solid scientific facts and hypothesis. At the time when I finally started
to watch science fiction movies and TV, I was upset a lot by the fact that scientific accuracy is
discarded in favor of entertainment value. So I came up the idea to create my own version of an
organic and continuous science fiction world.

A documentary film about Hubble telescope gave me a lot of inspiration. I found myself deeply
touched by the 3d rendered animation of the universe after knowing it was strictly based on the
data from Hubble.

An astronomer friend, Yao Song, provided me some universe spectrum data, which I used to then
create a whole audio-visual experience. Much of the effort was put into using only audio sonified
from data to arouse audience’s sensation about universe, and how the sensation affects the
audience. I intend to draw the audience’s attention to the beauty of the space above their heads in
philosophical, poetic and scientific ways; to discuss the boundary of consciousness and unconsciousness;
to raise the question of whether human beings’ observation creates the universe or are
we the result of universe’s observation?


Jiachun (Lisa) Li is a Chinese artist based in Brooklyn, New York. After receiving her bachelor’s
degree in Multimedia Design at Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, she is now pursuing
her MFA in Digital Arts at Pratt Institute. She is currently focusing on interactive sound installation
and interactive sound performance.


2014-11-20 04.12.49

2014-11-20 04.10.38  2014-11-20 04.11.56

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