The Soldiers in War by Xiong Liu – Beyond the Light by Anqi Chen

Beyond the Light by Anqi Chen


Anqi Chen is a young digital artist currently living in NYC. She was born and raised   in Nanjing. She loves new technology and is always curious to new trends. She works in the area of interactive art and 3D animation. She is pursuing her graduate studies in digital art at Pratt Institute.
Beyond the Light is a personal reflection on memories coming up during a drowning near death experience. Lots of life events pass, fuse, disappear, reconnect … various real sources been distorted and extracted to build biological and emotional currents. In Beyond the Light, a participant’s physical motion in the installation space stirs pre-existing memories reflected in digital animation.

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The Soldiers in War by Xiong Liu

Xiong Liu is a Chinese digital artist living and working in New York City. He earned his BFA in Animation and Game Design from Beijing Film Academy. Currently he is an MFA candidate, focusing on Interactive Arts, in the Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute. Inspired by gaming and classical Jazz music, Xiong seeks to create works that are experiential and multi-layered.

“The Soldiers in War” is an installation about three men, Robert Sherrod, William Dyess and Robert Edlin, who served in the military during WWII. Sherrod was a marines, Dyess was a fighter pilot and Edlin was a foot soldier. The concept of the work is to provide two starkly different perspectives on notions of war – one from an idealized political viewpoint, the other from the personal viewpoints of the soldiers themselves. Through this contrast, viewers are able to empathize with the soldiers as human beings, not just idealized icons of bravery and sacrifice.

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