“Children’s Utopia” by Xiaohan Han | “Here Is Not Here Was” by Xi Jiang






Exhibition Opening: April 7th from 5pm – 8pm 

On View: April 8th – 11th 


Children’s Utopia by Xiaohan Han


Xiaonan is an interactive and illustration artist. She finished her undergraduate school in Capital

Normal University and is currently a graduate student at Pratt Institute. Many of her projects are

related to self recognition. She also interested in children centered design work.


Children’s Utopia is a project with the theme of interaction, to express a new experience of

communication via the tangible medium of color cubes that endow the abstract elements of

naive and engaging components. It allows people to see what my childhood looks like as they

pick up one of the cubes on the desk and put it close to another, begetting an animation on the

table. Ancient Chinese naive materialists think everything is made up of the movement and

changes of five basic elements(metal, wood, water, fire and soil) which can transform into each

other. There are five important elements in my life: memory, hope, love, belief, and dreams. The

five elements have their own characteristics and they can influence each other. This allows me

to rethink what my life looks like. When visitors interact the cubes together, it’s as if they create

something and concurrently gain an insight into my life.


Here Is Not Here Was by Xi Jiang


Xi Jiang is a digital artist who creates physical installations, motion graphics,

photography works and digital images. She currently concentrates in creating

installations by physical materials and digital arts. Most of her works are related to selfexplorations

and social issues.

Xi Jiang came from Beijing, China. After earning her BFA in Digital Media Art at

Communication University of China in 2012, She moved to Brooklyn, New York for

further education in art. Xi Jiang is currently a MFA candidate who is focusing on digital

imaging in Digital Art Department at Pratt Institute.


Here Is Not Here Was is a 9 feet high, 9 feet wide and 12 feet deep environmental

installation, which combines digital projection and physical materials. By building

collages with multiple layers of drapery, and digital projections based on artist’s

emotional experiences in New York City, provided to viewers a virtual journey.

Artist’s mentality is flowing as a river, narratively and dramatically. Here Is Not

Here Was concludes artist’s chronological emotional track related to New York City. It

can be divided into six turning points: Excitement, Disappointment, Freshness,

Frustration, Adjustment and reluctance. The installation shapes these periods between the

six turning points and builds an environment by using different materials and mediums.

The elements of these materials convey the moods by colors, shapes, textures, and

patterns. The winding shape of the curtain like fabric collage builds a route for viewers to

walk alone.

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