“Bubble” by Wenjin Yang | “Group One” by Meng Chen


Wenjin “Amy” Yang- BIO
Amy is currently an MFA candidate, focusing on Interactive Art, in the Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute. She got her BA in Digital Arts at Communication University of China’s, Nanjing.
Now, she interests in the relationship between human and interactive projects, UX/UI design. After experimenting with multiple digital art media, she decided to further her studies in HCI.


Artist Statement
“Due to the one child only policy in China, I am the core part of my family. I didn’t know anything about SHARE and why I have to share when I was a kid, basically I get whatever I want. The feelings I have is affected by my family.
Everybody should realize that each of us has this kind of power to affect people. In this project, I want to express that we should cherish people who are always around us to support us. But we should also know that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we have to let something go. We can’t fight against a lot of things, like death. So when that happened, all we can do is move forward and make new relationships.”



Meng Chen- BIO

MengChen is a Chinese digital artist based in New York City. She earned her bachelor degree in Visual Communication Design from Tsinghua University in China. Currently, She is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in interactive arts at Pratt Institute.

Artist Statement

“People always question the meaning of life. we strive to find a right answer on ourselves but rarely to seek for it from outside world that besides human beings. An integrated lifecycle of tiny organism and a world of creature could tell us life meaning. One and Group is an interactive installation consists of groups of virtual creatures in separate transparent wares. By walking through those wares, participants interact with virtual creatures and witness their life cycles from infancy to death and their process of reproduction and death threats from other species.”


Exhibition Opening: 3/31 from 5pm – 8pm

Exhibition runs from 4/1 – 4/4

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