Lu Ke – “The Diary” / Jieyu Xiong – “Crowded”

MFA Thesis Exhibitions
Lu Ke  – “The Diary” and Jieyu Xiong – “Crowded”

Opening: Mon, Mar 25th, 5-8pm
On View: Tue, Mar 26th – Fri, Mar 28th

Banner_Lu Ke

Lu Ke


Lu Ke currently resides in Brooklyn NY. She interests in traditional painting and digital art. She experiments different ways to
combine traditional and digital art together to create inspiring work.

After earning her BFA in Animation at China Academy of Art in 2009, Lu moved to Brooklyn, New York to continue her pursuits
in the arts. Lu is currently an MFA candidate, focusing on Digital Imaging, in the Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute.


Humans are of course not the only species on this planet. Fairies, as another possible species have lived in people’s imagination
for a very long time. I am fascinated by these tiny creatures and always hope they can appear at the corner of the street, hide
behind a flower or stealthily walk across my table. Thus, in this project I decide to tell a story of them.

The Diary is a body of work about a diary that belongs to a fairy, O. It consists of two physical diary books. One is a tiny diary
book (1” x 2”) of O’s and another is an enlarged version of this book (60” x 88”). In this diary  book, O records the details of her
daily life and every change of her emotion and attitude towards life and relationships. The whole book contains writing, collage,
hand drawing, photograph,3D modeling and digital painting. Every page in the book is trying to convince viewers of her existence
and offer an opportunity to visit this secret world.


Jieyu Xiong


Jieyu Xiong is a digital artist who interested in motion graphics, game design, digital illustration and UI design. She finished her BFA in Sun Yat- sen University and currently is MFA candidate, focusing on digital art in Pratt Institute. Through the creation of artworks that explore the absurdity and surrealism, she meant to reveal and make commentary to the modern reality.


Crowded provides a space, which looks empty, but is full of heavy emotions. There are 5 moveable characters hiding behind the walls. Looking through peepholes on the walls is the only way to reach them. Each character is the reflection of vulnerable people. They are terrifying, strange, wired and desperate so that they have to hide themselves. Crowded welcomes viewers to explore in the gallery space and connect themselves with characters in the show. It also implies that our world is far more complicated than what we see.

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