Elefterios Benetos | Codeswitch & Meredith Cutinello | Personally Profiled


Elefterios Benetos | CODE SWITCH
Meredith Cutinello | Personally Profiled: The Daughters of Suburbia

MFA Digital Arts Thesis Exhibition
Opening: Monday, March 3rd from 5-8pm
On view: March 3rd – March 7th, 2014

Eleftherios Gerasimos Benetos:



Eleftherios Gerasimos Benetos is a Greek American artist based in New York City. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree at Stony Brook University with a focus in photography. His work in the last 5 years has ranged from digital painting, illustration and graphic design. Currently, Eleftherios is pursing his Master of Fine Arts in Digital Arts at Pratt Institute.


Code switching is what occurs when a speaker alternates between two or more languages, or language varieties.

Code Switch is a collection of works presented in 6 digital prints. Across the medium there will be a depictions of characters presented with heads replaced by geometric forms, the faces of which represent different aspects of personality in response to sociological and environmental factors.

Meredith Cutinello

Personally Profiled: The Daughters of Suburbia


Meredith Cutinello is a young digital artist from Pennsylvania and is now based in New York City.  She received her Bachelor of the Arts from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2011.  In her past work, Meredith has enjoyed integrating different mediums into her digital work such as traditional drawings, digital drawing, and photography.  She has been fascinated by the human figure and the psyche, which led her to her current thesis. Currently she is pursuing her Master of the Fine Arts degree in Digital Imaging at Pratt Institute.


Personally Profiled: The Daughters of Suburbia is an installation that documents how females of my generation, including myself, deal with stress in their day to day lives and through their social media outlets. I have specifically chosen white middle class women in order to hone in on issues that they as a group are facing.  These portraits are created through the integration of photography and social media identities, which allows us to view the dual sides of each person’s identity. Accompanying each of the printed images are QR codes which are linked to Instagram videos. These videos display each of the subject’s environments and provide the viewer a visual experience into these women’s worlds.


Stress is something that I think everyone can relate to. However, I do not think I have ever experienced its full effects until becoming a graduate student. Its influence is gradual, but as stress builds and builds it becomes more noticeable on the exterior, as your mind and body battle to deal with it.  Since I can personally relate to the effects of stress, I thought it was necessary to include a self-portrait in my series, as well as portraits of four other women that I have close relationships with. All of these people have forces in their lives that threaten their livelihood or emotional well being, which undoubtedly produce a significant amount of stress.  While these issues may not be all that jarring, they still no doubt take a toll on the human psyche.  It was not my hope to create shock and awe type imagery, but instead to create an image that causes you to look more carefully about what is being portrayed and who these women are. The personal relationship I have with these four women is an integral part of my thesis; for it allows them to feel comfortable enough to expose parts of themselves that they keep hidden from the outside world.  This factor allowed for me to easily peel back layers in each of their lives and uncover specific stresses that I have documented through photographs, text message conversations and social media identities.

The integration of the social media identity is a very crucial element because it allows the individual, in a way, to have their own hand in the creation of their portraits.   Additionally, the contrast between the photographic image and social media identity aids in in the idea of trying to find a balance between the private and public person.  I expect the viewer to get a sense of eeriness from these images, but also feel connected to each of these individuals through the realness and vulnerability I have conveyed.  In order for the portraits to come full circle, I have also included QR Codes that when scanned connect to Instagram videos of each subject’s environment. These videos will display the environment only, in order for the viewer to see the impact a space can have on a subject and how important it is in the formation of their lives.

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