Nataska Otrakji | The Collector’s Edition


Natasha Otrakji | The Collector’s Edition

MFA Digital Arts Thesis Exhibiion
Opening Reception | Monday, February 3rd 5-8pm.

On View | February 3rd-7th, 2014
Natasha Otrakji is a New York based multimedia artist and MFA candidate in Pratt Institute’s Digital Arts program. Originally from Beirut, Lebanon, she grew up in Miami, Florida, and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Minor in Art History at Pratt. She is currently working for Audubon Magazine as Photography assistant.
Natasha’s work playfully combines objects and images, often to reassess their function, perception, and ownership. Natasha’s interested in the natural and manmade entwined in domestic urban spaces. With humor she draws a relationship between the places she photographs, consumption in the art world, and her own excess.
The Collector’s Edition incorporates traditional and digital media through various site-specific and time based installations, film and digital photographs, large-scale vinyl wallpapers, and sculptural assemblages. Derived from photographs or everyday happenings, her sculptures include combinations of consumer goods stripped of their original function or given new function. Similarly her documentary photographs are reworked and transformed into dimensional products.

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