Nichole Arvin – Traces + Eric O’Toole – Kinetic


Eric O’Toole


MFA Digital Art Thesis Exhibition

BIO/ Eric is a Brooklyn based designer who has been developing interactive exhibition experiences for over 20 years. These projects have focused largely on interpretive exhibition environments where the narrative and content are made explicit through the interaction with the space, artifacts and interactives. His work during his Masters degree studies has focused on the potential to extend interactive engagement through the incorporation of digital technologies within the built environment. Eric earned a Bachelor of Industrial Design at Pratt in the late 80’s and currently teaches in the Graduate Communications Design Department, also at Pratt.

STATEMENT/ Kinetic explores the personification of the artifact and the application of humanistic character to the animate through the observation and processing of patterns and systems. These interactive, mechanical sculptures encourage the participant to engage in an exploration of their patterns of behavior in an attempt to ‘understand’ them. The engagement itself will require full body, spatial exploration by the participant. The formal structures are inspired by the polygons, extrusions and meshes common to 3D modelling enviroments. These forms are simple to generate in software but confoundingly challenging to build in the real world.

Nichole Arvin


MFA Digital Art Thesis Exhibition

Traces is

a digital autograph collection

a meditation

a collage

a loop of transcriptions

a gesture

a box of ruined photographs

a recorded voice a cycle of remnants

Nichole Arvin is a Brooklyn based artist and educator. Her hybrid art practice centers on disrupting perception and often uses improvisational structures and directed chance in order to investigate possibilities through movement, the impulse of the body, and the transference of information.

Her work has been exhibited and performed at a variety of venues and art spaces throughout New York City including performance work seen at the New York International Fringe Festival, In/OUT Digital Performance Festival, and Incubator Arts Project. She has a BA in Dance from Hunter College and is an MFA candidate in Digital Art at Pratt Institute.

Opening Reception: Monday, Nov 25th 5pm-8pm
On Display: Nov 25th – Dec 4th, 2013
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 10 AM – 8 PM
Friday 10 AM – 5 PM

Gallery Closed: Thursday, Nov 28th and Friday, Nov 29th.

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