Jing Bao: Shall We Talk


Jing Bao
Shall We Talk
MFA Digital Art Thesis Exhibition


Jing Bao is an interactive and digital artist who currently lives and studies at Pratt Institute in New York. Jing graduated with a degree in game design from Beijing Film Academy. She has more than two years work experience in virtual reality and game development. Now She is pursuing her master’s degree in interactive arts. By engaging in these areas, Jing is very interested in interactive performance, interactive stage design, and Virtual Reality technology. She is a very sensitive artist who is very interested in the relationship of human‐to‐human, and human to technology.

Shall We Talk

“Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.”

‐-­‐ Swiss psychologist Carl Jung

Jung said that the shadow takes on the qualities that we do not want to face, that we want to keep hidden. Jung believes that in order to become a complete person, we must understand our shadows. He also said that people will cast their own shadows onto others, what they see in each other in fact is their own desired reality.

This interactive theatrical performance will use an app to allow the participants to communicate with two performers and the performers’ real time shadow. The installation is intended to reveal that people are separated by an invisible barrier; the things we see are actually imposed by our own desire, which is like the performers and the shadow overlaid with our texts.

The performance has three chapters. There are interactive sound, iPads sending messages into shadows, and body projection mapping. The performance is about a girl who wants to give herself an opportunity to talk to the world again.

Some iPad devices will be provided during the performance. The participants will be able to type words and send them out. Each time a participant sends a text, the text will appear inside of a performer’s shadow in a random place. More participation will cause more texts to be overlaid in the shadow.

Through this project, the artist wants her visitors to feel the connections or relationships in human-­to-­human, and human to technology. People are separated and lonely living in society. They are all apart from each other because of social technologies. People always talk and get to know each other by sending messages. These things, like an invisible barrier, alienate people from each other. We know people from what we willing see. We send emails to our colleagues everyday; we text messages to our friends twice a day; we call our mom once a week; call our grandma once a month. I have seen so many couples sit quietly and play with their cellphones while they are having dinners. However, do we really sit down and grab two coffees and talk to each other? Shall we talk?

Opening Reception: Monday, November 4,  5 – 8 PM
On View: November 4 – November 8, 2013
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 10 AM – 8 PM
Friday 10 AM – 5 PM

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