Elizabeth May

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Elizabeth May
MFA Digital Arts Thesis Exhibition

STATEMENT: Inspired by my complicated relationship with organized religion, I conceived of “Altar” to address my anxieties and fears around God.  Using hand drawn and digitally composed images, I created a series of large scale illustrations exploring different ideas surrounding religion.  The final result is an animated mural, a projection divided into three vertical panels, that mimics reverential art and altarpieces of the middle ages and Renaissance era.  Using Judeo-Christian imagery, references from popular culture and mass media, and personal iconography to situate the viewer, my illustrations will both amuse and challenge the audience. I explore ideas surrounding one’s personal relationship with God, prayer, omnipotence, creation, justice, and redemption.

BIO: Elizabeth May is a digital artist based in Brooklyn, NY.  She holds an undergraduate degree in art history.  She is a student in Pratt’s dual masters program, earning a degree in library and information science and a MFA in digital art.  Currently, she is working as a user experience designer at a startup consultancy, Anvil and Gear.

Opening Reception: Monday, April 22nd,  5 – 8 PM
On View: April 23rd – April 26th
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10 AM – 8 PM
 Friday 10 AM – 5 PM

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