Timothy Dailey


Timothy Dailey

MFA Digital Arts Thesis Exhibition
When I first began in animation, I felt exploring the ideas of transformation were important. I was in college, dealing with who I was, coming out to the world (socially and sexually) so this transition flowed in my art. One of my earliest pieces of animation, Living Graffiti, showed animals that were drawn in Flash transforming into other animals. Connections were present in the drawn lines, and this eventually traversed into my future art. Distortion aims to show connections but through the merging of two gay male figures. The participant traverses through a maze in order to get to areas of comfort. This is why at the beginning so much separation is present and unity happens at the end. I am dealing with the notion of gay men finding love even though the maze is long and hard, reflecting my own personal experience. Once I can connect with another man, the rest of the world will connect around me. Distortion is the beginning of the journey towards love.
Timothy Dailey is a student at Pratt institute studying for his MFA in Digital Art. His interest in the animation form derives from the ability to deform and manipulate a figure in the way one cannot in real life. Thus, many of his projects show figures coming together or morphing into other entities, whether it be in two or three-dimensional space. He received his undergraduate degree in Film and Video from Grand Valley State in Michigan.
Opening Reception: Monday, April 8th, 5 – 8 PM
On View: April 9th – April 12th
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 10 AM – 8 PM
Friday 10 AM – 5 PM

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